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【274MB】AnyLogic Professional 7.0.2 Multilingual x86/x64

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AnyLogic是唯一支持所有当今最常用模拟方法的工具:系统动力学、, 流程导向型(又叫离散事件) 以及基于主体的建模。
  • AnyLogic的可视化发展环境显著地加快开发过程。
  • 附带的对象库能够快速整合预先建立的模拟元素。
  • 目标导向型结构使其具备可重复利用性。
  • 可视化的集成开发环境,简易实现从其他广泛使用的集成开发环境到AnyLogic的转变。
  • 预建的对象库展示了专家们的经验。对象库中的对象可以随意地重复运用。
  • 在任何组合的情况下,运用一种工具开发出基于主体、离散事件以及持续和动态的系统模型。
  • AnyLogic支持离散和连续仿真的无缝集成。
  • 本地Java环境支持无限的扩展性,包括自定义Java代码、外部库和外部数据源。
  • 广泛的统计分布函数集为模拟所有系统内的不确定性提供了一个很好的平台。
  • 功能强大的实验框架,内置支持蒙特卡罗模拟,此外,优化的高级形式支持广泛的模拟方法。
  • AnyLogic其简单而又复杂的动画功能提供了视觉丰富的交互式仿真开发环境。
  • 自动小程序的创建使用户能够快速建立广泛传播的模拟,它们甚至可置于网页上。
  • 本地Java环境提供多平台支持。AnyLogic的集成开发环境和模型都可运行于Windows, Mac 和Linux系统。
  • 无需运行许可证。只需点击一下,就可以生成Java小程序,支持用户在任何地方运行模型。
  • AnyLogic模型和开发环境相分离,并可以作为独立的Java应用程序导出。
  • 我们尽可能在48小时内回答所有问题。
  • 我们提供从培训到模型开发全方位的咨询服务。
  • 我们尽最大努力充分满足顾客的期望,想顾客所未想。

AnyLogic Professional 7.0.2 Multilingual (x86/x64) | 280/274 MB
Languages: English, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil)

AnyLogic 7, the newest version of the most definitive simulation and modeling software available has been released. Features include enhanced support for multimethod modeling, decreased need for coding, renewed libraries, and other usability improvements.

Definitive Multimethod Modeling Environment
• Entities, resources, and agents are all now the same object.
• Entities can have individual behavior, separate from process-driven.
• Agents can dive into and jump out of the process flowcharts with no coding required.
• System dynamics can be freely used inside and outside entities and agents.
Unified Space and Space Markup Elements
• Consolidated 3D space for all kinds of objects: agents, entities, resource units, pedestrians, rail cars, etc.
• People, vehicles, pallets, buildings, trains, equipment can interact in the same 3D space.
• Easily define walls, areas, paths, nodes, etc. with our new set of space markup elements.
• Specific markup shapes are available for conveyors, warehouse storages, rail tracks and switches.
• The new network routing techniques allow for efficient modeling of very large structures, such as distribution centers where every shelf is modeled.

New Library for Process Modeling
• Graphically define parameters, internal variables, animation, and statistics of entities.
• Resources can have their own sub-process to prepare for a service and wrap-up afterwards.
• An entity can request several alternative resource sets or ask for a particular resource unit.
• Supports task priorities, interruptions, preemption, failures, breaks, and shifts.
• In addition to traditional “push” entity flow, “pull” flows are also supported, which is particularly useful in manufacturing applications.

Vastly Improved Pedestrian Library
• Scale pedestrian models into tens of thousands or higher without impacting model performance with the new high-speed engine.
• Locate pedestrian spaces with ease, using specific markup elements such as walls, obstacles, service points, turnstiles, queue lines, waiting areas, escalators, stairs, and pathways.
• Develop pedestrian models in a point and click manner with minimal coding.

Enhanced Support for Agent Based Modeling
• Agents, agent populations, inter-agent links and networks are created with the help of wizards and graphical elements, requiring minimal coding.
• The Agent Population wizard is designed to help you determine agents’ settings in just a few clicks.
• Inter-agent links are now defined and visualized using graphical objects.

General Usability Improvements
• Choose probability distributions easily using a specially designed wizard.
• Flowchart blocks automatically connect as you add them, greatly reducing design time.
• Drop-down lists are available where typing had previously been required, an option to write expressions remains
• Enjoy an updated, more spacious, graphical editor window.
New Large Collection of Customizable 3D Objects
AnyLogic 7 comes with an extensive collection of ready-to-use 3D objects.
More than 250 new items have been added, including buildings, road, rail, maritime transport, energy, warehouse, hospital equipment, airport-related items, supermarket-related items, cranes, and other useful objects. You can also customize the colors of the 3D objects.

Home Page - http://www.anylogic.com/

1. Install the application
2. Extract tl.jar from tl_cracked.zip to
C:\Program Files\AnyLogic 7 Professional\plugins\com.xj.anylogic.truelicense_7.0.2.201404181546
3. Extract com.xj.anylogic.ui.jar from com.xj.anylogic.ui_cracked.zip to
C:\Program Files\AnyLogic 7 Professional\plugins\com.xj.anylogic.ui_7.0.2.201404181546
4. Click Help->Activate Product
and then choose "Enter the Permanent Key that you received by e-mail"
and register with the serial from RegistrationSerial.txt

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