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【2.34GB】SpaceClaim V2014-MAGNiTUDE

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SpaceClaim 是世界首个自然方式3D 设计系统 – 用户可以比以往任何时候更快的速度进行模型的创建和编辑。不同于基于特征的参数化CAD系统,SpaceClaim 能够让用户以最直观的方式对模型直接编辑,自然流畅地进行模型操作而无需关注模型的建立过程。
SpaceClaim 作为富有创意的3D建模解决方案,日前推出了其第四代产品,SpaceClaim Engineer 和 SpaceClaim Style。这些直接建模工具象征了这10多年来3D工程领域最显著的技术进步,从简单发展到能够专供工程师和工业设计师自由灵活操作,快速捕捉灵感,可以随意编辑实体模型而不用考虑坐标原点,并为分析,原型,制造做设计准备。
SpaceClaim支持标准数据交换格式如ACIS, STEP, IGES, ECAD, Rhinoceros®, DWG, DXF, STL, OBJ, XAML, VRML, 3D PDF,包括与Bunkspeed® 、HyperShot®的 的交互。安装附加模块后,SpaceClaim Engineer还可以直接导入并编辑Pro/ENGINEER®, Autodesk® Inventor®, CATIA® v4 and v5, VDA, Parasolid®, SolidWorks®, JT™, and NX® 的文件。
SpaceClaim 的建模工具可以在零件或装配的任意截面视图、二维工程图以及任意3D视图下工作,甚至是SpaceClaim 的3D标注环境下工作。用户可以在熟悉的2D设计视图下通过一个布局或对2D元素进行回转、对称等操作即可轻松得到三维的部件。
直接建模技术不管模型是否有特征(比如从其它CAD系统读入的非参数化模型),用户都可以直接进行后续模型的创建,不管是修改还是增加几何都无需关注模型的建立过程。这样就使得用户可以在一个自由的3D 设计环境下工作,比以往任何时候更快的速度进行模型的创建和编辑。不同于基于特征的参数化3D设计系统,直接建模能够让用户以最直观的方式对模型直接进行编辑,所见即所得,自然流畅地进行随心所欲的模型操作,无需关注模型的创建过程!

SpaceClaim V2014-MAGNiTUDE | 2.34 GB

SpaceClaim was founded in September 2005 to create solutions that would enable engineers to leverage 3D design to innovate, win more business, and get products to market faster. Since then, SpaceClaim has become the leader in 3D Direct Modeling solutions for rapid concept design and geometry manipulation, with adoption rates within engineering, product development, and manufacturing companies soaring. In 2011, SpaceClaim increased sales 110% year-over-year and more than doubled its sales channel. Customers include three of the world’s largest auto makers, and industry leaders across aerospace, medical devices and machine tool manufacturers. SpaceClaim has OEM agreements with TRUMPF and Flow International Corporation as well as a licensing and distribution agreement with ANSYS, the global leader in simulation softw
SpaceClaim, the leading provider of flexible and affordable 3D modeling software for engineers, today announced the immediate availability of SpaceClaim Engineer 2014. With advances in nearly every aspect of the software, from new tools and extended interoperability to significantly faster performance, this new release maintains the popular interface and intuitive work flow of SpaceClaim Engineer while introducing several benefits.
SpaceClaim Engineer has become a valued tool in model pre-processing for manufacturing and simulation. Users will find this release offers several new tools that speed and automate common tasks, eliminating much of the repetitive and difficult work that stands between engineers and their goals. The new version also expands interoperability with new translators and file format compatibilities including Solid Edge® AMF and AutoCAD®.
With new features like direct drag and drop file access from Outlook and new semi-parametric functionality, SpaceClaim Engineer users will find the 2014 release to be even more intuitive and easier to work with than any previous version. This release also offers support for web-hosted, browser-viewable models that anyone can view and interact with using a PC, smartphone or tablet.
Finally, Dynamics for SpaceClaim is a fully integrated add-in from Algoryx Simulation available for the first time with the launch of SpaceClaim 2014. It provides motion dynamics for multi-body systems with joints and frictional contacts, driven by Algoryx’ market leading physics engine AgX Dynamics. When installed, a Dynamics tab in SpaceClaim offers mechanics modeling, interactive dynamics simulation, plotting and analysis, and full Luxion Keyshot integration for stunning photo-realistic simulation videos.

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