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[41.28mb]proDAD Erazr Multilingual

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Erazr是一款理想的视频编辑工具,通过应用智能自动跟踪模式标记不需要的对象。在分析过程之后,Erazr将以原始背景替换对象 - 所有这些都在最短的时间内自动完成,无需任何手动操作。对于这个过程,Erazr在被移除的对象之前和之后都需要几秒钟的镜头。


















要求:Windows 64位Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10, 2gb内存,建议:i7-cpu, 6gb内存。

Windows x64 | Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 41.28 MB
Delete unwanted objects from video - quick and easy! Erazr can do magic – all done automatically within the shortest time without any manual effort! Erazr is an ideal tool equally suited for professional and holiday shooters, for YouTubers as well as sophisticated cinematographers.

How often in the past have you been upset about ruined recordings because a person has been walking through your picture or other disturbing objects have gotten in the view. With Erazr you render the disturbing object invisible which helps you saving unrepeatable moments and precious memories.
Erazr is an ideal tool equally suited for professional and holiday shooters, for YouTubers as well as sophisticated cinematographers. Erazr is a true problem remover whenever something gets into your frame that might either distract the viewer or simply does not belong there. Most of the time those glitches become evident during editing - when there is no chance anymore for a second take.
Erazr can truly do magic. First you mark the unwanted object by applying the intelligent automatic tracking mode. After an analyzing process Erazr will substitute the object by its original background – all done automatically within the shortest time without any manual effort. For this process Erazr will need some seconds of footage before and after the object to be removed has gotten out of view.
We recommend that you take the time to thoroughly test the free trial version of Erazr. You will then soon develop a sense how to apply the solution best and what kind of footage is optimal suited. Compared to a conventional and rather imperfect clone stamp and other time and work intensive substitution methods as featured in an NLE program, Erazr’s innovative technology offers the far better quality within a fraction of the time. By attaching optional USB input devices, the workflow can even be further enhanced. While controlling the tracking direction and speed with your optional pedals you simultaneously follow the process with your mouse and keyboard for an optimal tracking result even with complex objects. The unparalleled high-quality result driven by the newest Erazr technology will amaze you and your viewers.
- Clear timeline for a fast workflow
- Easy trimming of clips
- Comfortable marking of objects
- Manual & automatic object tracking
- Comprehensive keyframe support
- Supporting optional input devices (like USB pedals)
- Effects preview window prior to file export
- Direct YouTube upload if desired
- Compatible with every framerate (24p/25p/30p/50p/60p and more)
- Supports resolutions up to (and including) 8KRelease Notes:
- Initial Release.
Requirements: Windows 64-Bit Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10, 2GB-memory, recommended: i7-cpu, 6 GB memory.

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